Continued Success

Shelby American is building 50 Daytona Cobra Coupe continuation cars to coincide with the golden anniversary of the original Daytona Cobra Coupe’s 1965 FIA World Sportscar Championship GT III Class victory. The first of the continuation cars ($750,000) is being offered exclusively to Robb Report readers. Carroll Shelby and his crew developed the Daytona Cobra Coupe to compete with Ferrari and its 250 GTO. Only six examples were built, in 1964 and ’65 (see “Brock and Roll“), before production was derailed when Ford enlisted Shelby to work on the GT40. The Daytona Cobra Coupe’s rarity and racing success have combined to make it one of the world’s most coveted classic sports cars.

This gift’s car, VIN CSX 9950, features an all-aluminum body that is polished but left unpainted. It is equipped with a tubular chassis, leaf-spring suspension, four-piston Wilwood brakes, and Trigo FIA wheels. CSX 9950 is powered by an all-aluminum Ford 289 cu in V-8 engine that has been enlarged to 347 cu in and is fed by a quartet of Weber carburetors. This is an improvement on a power plant that even in its original, cast-iron form remains one of the greatest engines in the history of racing.

The car’s spartan interior includes Shelby-branded leather seats, a period-correct wooden steering wheel, and a modern Halon fire-suppression system. CSX 9950 also displays the signatures of Peter Brock and Bob Bondurant, racing luminaries who, respectively, designed and drove the Daytona Cobra Coupe. 

Shelby American, Gary Schechner, 702.942.7325, garys@shelby.com, shelby.com