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Experience the Insider’s Florence

The Gift

Three days enjoying an authentic Florentine gentleman’s lifestyle with Stefano Ricci as your host.

A fitting with Stefano Ricci’s master tailor for a bespoke wardrobe of five custom-made looks: a suit, a tuxedo, a sporting outfit from the designer’s Campagna line, outerwear, and a casual ensemble, each completed with shirts, neckties, and footwear.

An exclusive viewing of Stefano Ricci’s rare vintage-Ferrari collection.

An overnight stay, with an option to join a boar or pheasant hunt, at the Ricci family’s private Tuscan hunting lodge. Starting at $100,000

Born and raised in Florence, Stefano Ricci epitomizes the spirit of a true Renaissance man with his love of art, culture, craft, and, of course, fine wines and food. So it’s not surprising that when Ricci established his luxury lifestyle brand more than 40 years ago, he chose to employ local artisans and celebrate his beloved city’s heritage. He’s offering a Robb Report reader and a guest the opportunity to experience 3 days of his Florence.

The true essence of Florence is expressed through Stefano Ricci’s clothing, which is made with exceptional fabrics including silks woven on some of Italy’s oldest looms, fine tailoring, and styles that range from sartorial suits to weekend wear for the country gentleman. To fully appreciate the cloth and craft behind the clothing, Ricci is inviting the recipient of this gift to meet with his master tailor, who will guide him on selecting a bespoke wardrobe that satisfies his lifestyle, from formal to casual. (The clothes will be delivered within a few months after the visit.) After the wardrobe consultation, the guests will be taken on a private tour of the famous Galleria degli Uffizi, one of Ricci’s favorite institutions and a venue where he has held his fashion shows. The first day will end with an intimate dinner with the Riccis at the authentic Tuscan Osteria delle Tre Panche, famous for serving the best truffles in Florence, and an overnight stay at the magnificent Palazzo Tornabuoni.

On day 2 of their journey, the guests will be driven to the family’s hunting lodge in the Tuscan hills of Mugello, the original land of the Medici family. “My father fell in love with this valley 5 years ago during a hunting trip,” says Stefano’s son Filippo. Within months, the designer acquired the lodge and spent 4 years renovating and expanding the space to include a family villa and eight suites designed to host friends—where the guests will stay on the second evening. “It is in our family’s private moments [here],” says Filippo, “that we can fully appreciate the sense of the Tuscan countryside tradition and take inspiration for new collections.”

While at the Riccis’ Tuscan estate, guests are invited to join the family on a boar or pheasant hunt (depending on the season) and learn firsthand about Ricci’s trained royal eagles, which are the brand’s mascot. They will also have a viewing of his personal collection of antique Ferraris, showcased in a state-of-the-art garage on the estate. In the evening, the Riccis will host a final dinner to celebrate the best of Florence’s foods and wines and toast to the finer things in life. On the third day, the recipient and guest will return to Florence for a private tour of Ricci’s Antico Setificio Fiorentino, a historic silk mill that since 1786 has woven—and continues to weave—precious materials on looms that are hundreds of years old.

Stefano Ricci, Santo Costarelli, (newyork@stefanoricci.com), 212.371.3901

Airfare is not included. The 3 days must be mutually agreed upon by the designer and the recipient.