Opening Bids: Pieces of the Action

The great matchup—Rocky versus Rambo—may never have a clear winner in the endless online debate forums. But thanks to Sylvester Stallone—the characters’ creator—fans and collectors can bid on items belonging to Rocky and Rambo, as well as Judge Dredd and The Expendables leader Barney Ross. Stallone has consigned more than 1,400 costumes, props, and personal items to Heritage Auctions (ha.com) for a sale scheduled for December 18 and 19 in Los Angeles. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that assist veterans and wounded U.S. military personnel.

“Mr. Stallone has always loved and appreciated his fans and now he’s giving something back to them,” says Mike Gutierrez, consignment director at Heritage Auctions. “These are iconic items directly from him. I actually was slightly trembling the first time I saw these items in person and touched them. They represent an important era of Hollywood history as well as American pop culture.” 

The sale also offers the opportunity for Rocky and Rambo—or, at least, some of their most recognizable talismans of toughness—to finally face off.