The Real Deal

What started for the owners as little more than an investment property—a house in the Malaysian capital, situated on a parcel overlooking the city’s prominent Petronas Twin Towers—now serves as their personal sanctuary, an all-new private residence so resplendently inimitable and utterly inviting that our editors have named it Robb Report’s Ultimate Home 2015. 

A Malaysian family bought the Kuala Lumpur property over the telephone, sight unseen. It was intended as a real estate investment, and they knew the neighborhood well. The thing that escaped them initially was what a gem they had acquired. Although the lot’s existing house did not take advantage of the city views (the structure was built before the skyscrapers began to rise), the 0.75-acre site itself offered spectacular vistas of the skyline (above). Ultimately, the owners decided to build a new house (right) to frame the views—the feature that convinced them to make it their main residence. They called on the architect Richard Landry to realize their grand vision.