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The Robb Reader: Rande Gerber

When I go out, it’s always a great night,” says Rande Gerber, and who would doubt him? The former model (who is married to supermodel Cindy Crawford) has owned more than 30 nightclubs and restaurants, and this year he launched a new tequila brand with his friend George Clooney. Indeed, the party life is also the business life for Gerber, a father of two who turns 51 this month. Home is the peaceful (if paparazzi-filled) city of Malibu, Calif., and for Gerber, unwinding simply means time with family and friends. He befriended Clooney 20 years ago in New York, and countless tequilas later they decided to start Casamigos (roughly “house of friends” in Spanish), named for their near-adjoining homes in Los Cabos, Mexico. The tequila (see “From the Robb Cellar,” page 56) is floral and delicate—perhaps more Malibu than Mexico—and ideal for sipping on the rocks, which is how the two amigos prefer it.

—Michalene Busico

Tell us about your house in Mexico.

George and I were spending a lot of time in Mexico, and our friend Mike Meldman has a beautiful development in Cabo called El Dorado. So one day we just decided to buy a piece of property and build two houses on it. But it really feels like one house—you’re constantly walking from one to the other, the doors are always open. It’s breakfast at my place, lunch at his place, dinner at mine. Everyone’s always together. We had an incredible architect—Ricardo Legorreta—and we worked very closely with him. I think these are the last two homes he worked on. It’s very contemporary but comfortable, and really different from the way I live in Malibu.

How are the homes different?

Cindy and I worked on our Malibu house together—there was no big architect or designer. We wanted to feel like we’re on vacation at home, and the style is more Hawaiian or Jamaican plantation.

You obviously enjoy the beach lifestyle.

We spend a lot of time on the beach, just barbecuing and having friends over. I also do a lot of stand-up paddling, and a couple days a week we’ll take our bikes and ride along Zuma Beach or play some tennis and basketball. The great thing about living in Malibu is you’re always outside; you don’t want to be inside.

We hear you also ride motorcycles. What are your bikes of choice?

I have everything from a Harley for the street to a Ducati sport bike, a Yamaha dirt bike, a Honda dirt bike, and a couple of quads. I guess I haven’t gotten over my youth. I don’t want to give up the freedom of just getting on the bike and knowing that you’re not going to pick up your phone, there’s no computer, no nothing. You’ve got your friend riding next to you, or your wife or kids on the back, and you’re riding up the coast looking at the ocean. There’s the smell of the sea. The conversations that you have for just a couple of hours. For me, it’s the way life should be. It just slows down.

What was your last great night out?

I’m just back from Las Vegas, kind of a business/pleasure trip for just one night. I also had some friends there doing a fantasy hockey camp with Wayne Gretzky. So we went to see Wayne and Chris Chelios, then we went to dinner at Prime, a steak place, and then to a club, 1Oak. It was nice—not too big, great music. I’m not big on huge clubs, which seem to be taking over now. It was nice to go to a place that’s not overwhelming.