Douglas James: From a Navy Corpsman to a Digital Marketer

The positive professional transition of Douglas James from military to a digital marketer will amaze many. Popularly known as the “The High-Ticket Client Guy” in the online marketing industry, James is a successful entrepreneur, digital advertising expert and business mentor. He is also a complete family man and believes in living a purposeful life. His […]

Leo Glore Scales Glore Jewelry to the Next Level

The jewelry market continues to grow rapidly as more people are fascinated with jewelry and the rise of social media has played a significant role in growing the market as more people can now connect with jewelers from around the world for their needs. The fashion industry has also fueled the growth of interest in […]

It’s Time For Extraordinary Experiences

You can feel it in the air: a palpable, potent, pent-up desire for travel, adventure, camaraderie and connection. Simply put, the time is now—after a year spent in solitude and reflection—to get out and live. The team at Bernoulli | Locke believes that rich, shared experiences have the power to transform us and lead us […]

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