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Clinique La Prairie Relaunches its Revitalisation Premium Program

The pioneer in cellular therapy and longevity treatments continues its innovative approach for the 21st century.

Clinique La Prairie

For more than 90 years Clinique La Prairie has led the way in journeys promoting longevity, well-being and anti-aging regimens. Now incorporating even more scientific and wellness advances, it has relaunched its signature Revitalisation Premium program, which focuses on the body’s seven key systems and uses your DNA and health analysis to identify just what’s needed to reset your body.

It was a pioneer in cell therapy—Dr. Paul Niehans—who established Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, Switzerland, in 1931 as a luxury destination for medical wellness. To focus on unlocking the secret of living, Dr. Niehans developed treatments to regenerate, reinvigorate and rejuvenate the body. With the arrival of Armin Mattli in 1976, Clinique La Prairie evolved into a holistic longevity destination based on cutting-edge science that upgrades mind and body. Driven by medical specialists and wellness experts, today treatments and approaches continue to evolve along with innovations in bioscience and epigenetics.

Clinique La Prairie

With its stunning location on the shores of Lake Leman, Clinique La Prairie established an award-winning international reputation for its holistic approach to health and well-being and its luxe, nonclinical environment. During one-week stays in the serene Swiss setting, guests undergo evaluations by medical experts and take part in programs based on the four essential pillars of medical assessment, nutrition, well-being and movement.

Clinique La Prairie CEO Simone Gibertoni says, “At Clinique La Prairie, our ongoing mission is to offer our guests the world’s most advanced science. We are proud to relaunch Revitalisation Premium, which is now the most comprehensive and tailored longevity program. With it guests will begin a new life, with a body and mind that are stronger than ever, leaving them feeling regenerated and rejuvenated.”

Clinique La Prairie

The Revitalisation Premium program, aimed at those over 35, is designed to boost longevity by targeting the brain, heart, circadian rhythm, skin, metabolism, immunity and microbiota, all of which are interconnected. The program begins with a medical diagnosis based on thorough evaluations by a cardiologist, pulmonologist, radiologist and nutritionist, as well as with the aid of proprietary genetic and epigenetic tests. The experts then determine any potential issues to address and deliver guidance for bespoke nutritional and lifestyle changes to live a fuller life. What we eat, what we drink, how much workout we do, where we live, our level of stress … every factor can trigger positive epigenetics mechanisms for our health.

The next phase includes regenerative, personalized and science-backed treatments that reduce inflammation—one of the leading causes of aging—and also improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system. The stay includes tailored neutronutrition, IV infusions and proprietary formulas for cellular regeneration.

Clinique La Prairie

Relaxation is also key within the stimulating week in Montreux: Guests will enjoy a revitalizing massage, anti-aging facial, mindful breathing, brain stimulation and sport coaching surrounded by the very best of nature.

Beyond the Premium program, other offerings at Clinique La Prairie range from regular Revitalisation, detox, and weight loss to rebalancing and an advanced beauty program.

Clinique La Prairie

Guests at Clinique La Prairie stay in one of 38 beautifully appointed rooms and suites surrounded by gardens and with a view of the lake and the Alps. They have full access to the fitness and wellness centers, including the swimming pool, sauna, zero-gravity bed and much more.

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