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Craig Siegel Shares How to Dictate Your Inner Experience

Craig Siegel

Dynamic people are admired for their resilience, positive energy, and self-discipline. They know how to use their full potential to reach greater heights and make a name for themselves. Many think that being dynamic is a personality trait someone is born with, but it goes beyond that. The most crucial element to being dynamic is to have the right mindset, and that’s what Craig Siegel focuses on with his movement, Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS).

CLS is a movement that serves as a beacon of hope for people who want to achieve something big in life. The idea is that to make a breakthrough, you must first recognize your potential for greatness. It’s CLS’s role to help people realize this and increase their confidence so that whatever they set their minds on, they have the power to make it into reality.

It all started when Siegel realized that his purpose in life is to help people achieve success. He was an entrepreneur with a stable career on Wall Street. However, no matter how many achievements he made, the feeling of unfulfillment remained.

Siegel testifies that dictating his inner experience led him to his achievements. He also knows that he has a gift for communicating with people and inspiring them to be confident. He has already influenced many through his tangible and motivational content on YouTube and motivational posts on Facebook and Instagram.

To dictate your inner experience, the first step is to evaluate your behavioral patterns. Only then can you change them and choose the best course of action to achieve the best results. According to Siegel, if you know what your anger and pains are associated with and how to change them, you will be less frustrated and more in control of your emotions.

Another tip is to change the voice you use in your mind whenever you contemplate anything. That’s because the more intimidating the tonality you use, the more you pressure yourself and, as a result, lower your confidence. One example that Craig shared is to change your inner voice into something friendly and goofy, like that of a cartoon character, for instance. It may feel unusual at first, but it’s proven to be extremely effective.

You can also dictate your inner experience by acknowledging that struggles are a part of life. Therefore, you must learn how to embrace them instead of letting them bring your spirit down. Consider them as a chance for you to develop a new skill or improve upon a skill. A problem does not serve as a sign to give up, so don’t regard it as such.

Understanding that you don’t always have to fail to reach your goals is also a good mindset. Facing obstacles and losing to them isn’t a bad thing but letting that happen repeatedly is. It’s not necessarily true that the more failures you’ve been through, the more lessons you’ve learned. After all, you don’t have to slip to know that you shouldn’t run when the floor is wet.