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CrowdStreet Makes Investing in Commercial Real Estate Easier and More Approachable Than Ever

Unique access to high-quality commercial real estate has never been more accessible.


Before CrowdStreet came onto the scene in 2014, investing in commercial real estate could seem overwhelming, even to the savviest investor.

A leader in providing accredited investors access to high-quality commercial real estate opportunities, today CrowdStreet has built a marketplace where opportunity and technology intersect to provide substantial, easy-to-digest information that can help diversify and potentially grow your investment portfolio.

“As the biggest online real estate investing platform in the U.S., we’re bringing more deals and more asset classes to investors than ever before,” CrowdStreet CEO Tore Steen.


While there’s always the risk of loss associated with any investment, CrowdStreet has made it easier than ever for investors to not only gain exposure to unique asset classes but acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to make the best investment decisions possible.

“Commercial real estate has its own jargon, so even experienced investors who know the ins and outs of the public stock markets can encounter a learning curve,” Steen says. “We provide investors with a plethora of educational materials—blog posts and articles, unique research, industry analysis with experts—so take advantage of those and get a sense of the landscape.”

With a total market capitalization across the CrowdStreet platform that’s valued at $21 billion, individual investors have received more than $270 million in distributions from project sponsors across 534 commercial real estate investment offerings, 62 of which are fully realized. Now having raised more than $2.25 billion to date, Steen says the company’s priority in institutional-quality properties of late, along with the continued diversity of portfolio opportunities found within their ecosphere, have only helped fuel CrowdStreet’s success.


“When Covid first hit and travel ground to a halt in March 2020, CrowdStreet pulled several hospitality and retail projects from the pipeline (those most immediately impacted) and leaned into sourcing projects that actually thrived in the new majority digital world data centers, distribution centers and warehouses to support all our online shopping and more,” Steen says.

With an average deal valuation that’s seen an almost fourfold increase from $20 million in 2014 to $78 million in 2021, Steen says what continues to set CrowdStreet apart is their ability to connect potential investors with the right tools, from educational materials and industry analysis by experts, to help take advantage and get a sense of the commercial real estate landscape.

“We are also able to put investors and sponsors in direct contact with each other, so if you have questions about a specific project, you can learn more about it directly from the firm behind it,” Steen adds.


By providing investors with diversified commercial real estate funds that consist of multiple properties, there’s never been a better time to invest, according to Steen.

“When we launched the CrowdStreet Marketplace back in 2014, we knew investors were hungry for direct access to commercial real estate opportunities and we were one of the first online platforms that made that possible,” says Steen. “Our goal is, and always has been, to democratize commercial real estate investing by ensuring investors have access to all the information they need to make investment decisions that are right for them.”

At the end of the day, you’ve worked hard for your money. Through their acumen and reputation, CrowdStreet has not only created the technology but also the marketplace to help investors make informed decisions. Discover the ways that CrowdStreet can help boost your return on investment.

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