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Douglas James: From a Navy Corpsman to a Digital Marketer

Douglas James

The positive professional transition of Douglas James from military to a digital marketer will amaze many. Popularly known as the “The High-Ticket Client Guy” in the online marketing industry, James is a successful entrepreneur, digital advertising expert and business mentor. He is also a complete family man and believes in living a purposeful life. His vision is clear: “Do everything to raise others.”

James’ dedication to success has made him what he is today. He actively worked as a Navy Corpsman for more than 10 years. He used to work tirelessly, approximately 16 hours per day, and had to spend months away from his family.

In 2014, James was deployed on the USNS Mercy ship, which was on a humanitarian mission to help poor communities in countries like Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Guam and the Philippines. While working on the mission, he realized that economic growth could change one’s destiny and elevate people’s lives. It was at this very moment that made his vision for life clearer than ever. He entered his online business in an attempt to become an entrepreneur. He focused on the online advertising and marketing segment to raise money for his business.

According to James, it was all trial and error, a roller coaster in his initial days into the business. However, he understood the power of digital marketing and tapped into the opportunity to become successful in a short time. He serviced small companies to generate sales online through social media. You can find James on Instagram @the_douglasjames and on LinkedIn at ​https://www.linkedin.com/in/douglas-james-1a93b8110.

When starting his business, James worked with everyone and for anything. However, he recognized the importance of finding a niche, and his results exploded.

James has worked for more than 40–50 small businesses like dentists, real estate agents, attorneys, chiropractors and more. He has successfully helped them attract clients and grow their revenue. He mainly used Facebook ads to generate leads for his clients.

To date, James has generated millions in revenue for his clients and he has spent over $2 million on the Facebook advertising platform alone. In addition to Facebook, he is presently more inclined to do YouTube and Google advertising, SEO and affiliate marketing like ClickFunnels.

Currently, James is an owner of multiple seven-figure businesses. He has expanded his operation to online coaching, launching a coaching academy to train budding entrepreneurs to learn how to take advantage of social media platforms to earn more money and realize their dreams.

James always appreciates the fantastic ideas of his fellow business owners. He wants everyone to have security in life and is aware that this can be achieved by money and resources. James manages a perfect balance between a successful career and a happy family life. As far as his vision to impact and inspire, he donates 10% of his profits to charity. You can get to know more about James on his personal website: ​https://thedouglasjames.com.