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ECOVACS Just Unveiled the World’s Most Luxurious and Tech-Advanced Robot Vacuum and Floor Mop

With dual spinning mops, voice control, auto-drying and hands-free convenience, the DEEBOT X1 OMNI takes on the messiest chores with style.


Ever since the early robot vacuum cleaners first started spinning their way into our lives, the concept elevated quickly from early adopter curiosity to must-have home appliance. While initial versions stumbled with their fair share of clumsy flaws, the technology has zoomed forward with lightning speed. Now smart home technology brand ECOVACS introduces the best and most premium, hassle-free cleaning machine to welcome into your home: the DEEBOT X1 OMNI.

Packaged in a sleek and modern design, the sweeper goes way beyond vacuuming—and will look at home in even the smartest and most luxurious of dwellings. Designed by Jacob Jensen Design Studio, the Danish industrial design firm best known for their minimalist, sleek chronographs, the X1 OMNI’s futuristic supercar shell belies its claim as the best mopping robot on the market.


Out of the box the X1 OMNI quickly maps your home utilizing a suite of class-leading technology. Loaded with a camera, laser depth scanning and advanced LiDAR lasers, the X1 OMNI sees and identifies household objects, creates a precise 3D scan and quickly maps your home with the same world-class technology that powers self-driving cars.

Sure, it can vacuum superbly, but where the X1 OMNI really sets itself apart is mopping. One of the most unglamorous chores of home maintenance—so sloppy and reviled that many skip it entirely in lieu of simply vacuuming—mopping is a critical step to enjoy a truly clean home. Boasting the most advanced dual spinning mops on the market, the X1 OMNI’s two thick, absorbent brushes spin at 180 RPM at each side to dig deeper into dirty crevices, hard-to-reach corners and uneven surfaces of your home better than any other robot cleaner on the market. It also automatically detects carpet so the dirty mop heads can avoid wetting and contaminating them. How considerate.


And its advanced cleaning station auto-empties, auto-washes and auto-refills so the X1 OMNI doesn’t just clean your home but also itself. Plus, it adds another hands-free innovation to its powerful suite of tech: heated auto-drying. Instead of cleaning and then drying your mops by hand, its OMNI Cleaning Station washes the pads with a design that simulates hand-washing, then dries the dirty mop pads in only two hours to reduce both bacteria and unpleasant odors. The X1 OMNI completes the cleaning cycle with hands-free convenience and truly handles the mopping process from start to finish.

Perhaps best of all is just how easy your robot is to use. With YIKO (pronounced ee-koh, FYI), the first built-in voice control ever in the industry, you can call on your X1 OMNI directly without a third-party device like mobile phone or smart speakers. Simple speech commands like “OK YIKO, please mop the kitchen,” or “OK YIKO, wait 45 minutes to clean. I need it quiet right now,” will have your ECOVACS working—or not—at your behest.


Loaded with real-time HD video, two-way audio and remote monitoring, the X1 OMNI can also keep a watchful eye on your pets and home, day or night (it can even peek under tough spots like a bed or couch). In all, the X1 OMNI aims to take on the most unglamorous chores of home maintenance simply and efficaciously, while offering remote home video monitoring for even more peace of mind when you step away.

The X1 OMNI is part of the newly released premium line of products from Ecovacs, the DEEBOT X1 Family. In addition to the X1 OMNI, the X1 Family includes the vacuuming focused X1 PLUS and the mopping focused X1 TURBO.

The X1 OMNI is now available in black for an MSRP of $1,549 at ecovacs.com, Amazon and BestBuy.com. It will be available in Best Buy stores nationwide on April 17. A white version of the DEEBOT X1 OMNI will be available exclusively at the ECOVACS website.


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