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How FortuneZ Is Revolutionizing Information for Crypto and Gaming Enthusiasts


The financial market is becoming more promising for investors. People who have realized the potential of the growing market are making a lot of money. This exponential growth has encouraged more people to venture into investments. Like any investment opportunity, entering the financial market also has its downsides.

Especially if you’re entering during a bull market, you can see a lot of overhyped investment opportunities that can be disastrous to investors if they fail to make informed decisions.

This is where business publications play a crucial role in covering all the latest news of the financial market to keep their readers well-informed. FortuneZ is one such reputed publication focused on cryptocurrency, iGaming and financial markets.

FortuneZ was launched in 2000 and is one of the oldest global publications online. In addition to cryptocurrency, it covers the latest updates on foreign exchange markets such as Forex. The publication follows a strict editorial policy to offer nothing but the highest quality of information and factual news to its readers. FortuneZ mainly caters to the global business community of crypto investors and gaming enthusiasts.

Since its inception, the publication has been offering reliable information on financial markets to help investors maximize their gains. The “Z” in the brand’s name was an inspiration from the “Lost City of Z” that is believed to have existed in the jungle of the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil. True to its name, FortuneZ covers a wide range of information about the financial market to help investors make good investment decisions. This has taken the popularity of the publication to new heights. Currently, it is the go-to guide for business professionals and investors who want complete insights into the financial world.

In November 2019, FortuneZ was acquired by Herbert R. Sim, who is known as The Bitcoin Man. Sim is the founder of Crypto Chain University, which was established in 2010 and is the world’s first compiled repository of blockchain and cryptocurrency research papers. Mr. Sim is equipped with Master Degree in Business Administration from University of Wolverhampton, UK; and a bachelor degree in Liberal Arts (Mass Communications), from Oklahoma City University, USA.

Currently, FortuneZ is led by Maria Khramtsova as the CEO and Francine Jansen as the COO, with Sim as the chairman and advisor. Khramtsova is a prominent figure in the crypto world. Under her leadership, FortuneZ took the crypto gaming scene to the next level.

“FortuneZ is always committed to transparent journalism maintaining the highest standards of fairness and accuracy in their posts.” Sim says.

The publication offers a complete insight into the world of crypto, iGaming, Esports and Fintech. To keep it more precise for their valuable readers and viewers, the official website of FortuneZ has separate segments for gaming, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, Forex, fintech and market data. The market data section was launched in 2019 to showcase the updates of cryptocurrency market capitalization and other traditional markets such as commodities, currencies and stocks.

The global publication has risen in popularity and continues to provide reliable financial and gaming information to help readers make well-informed decisions. FortuneZ hopes to become one of the leading publications on financial markets. Follow them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.