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Gillian Garcia: A Career in Hairstyling

Gillian Garcia

Many people have an interest in hairstyling but never think of taking the next step to turn their passion into a career. They are not aware of its lucrative nature and that there are thousands of stylists making millions in this field.

Gillian Garcia is a top hairstylist, educator, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur based in New York. She has perfected her art of hairstyling, making her the most sought-after stylist in the state. Garcia’s brand is established around her love for naturally healthy hair as she strives to bring back the trend of having healthy hair as it was in the ’90s. She advocates having a balanced diet that includes protein, iron and vitamin C. Even if you are a vegan, you can find all the protein you need in leafy green vegetables. Her ability to focus on the little details and place the client’s needs before her own makes her a standout in the industry. She has a welcoming personality and contagious laughter that makes her clients feel relaxed and free to express themselves.

Garcia never thought of hairstyling for a career. She found her way into the beauty industry after her life drastically changed when her grandmother passed away. She turned to styling women’s hair. With only $50 and a dream, she set out for the United States, and through some highs and lows, she has been able to actualize her dreams.

Her successful career is a clear indication that hairstyling is a viable venture, and anyone who set their mind on a clear path is bound to succeed.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hairstyling as a career:

It’s a Flexible Venture

Hairstyling is a fully flexible job, unlike a 9–5 shift job. Such flexibility allows you to focus on other commitments outside of work. You are also free to reschedule your sessions according to the convenience of your client. Hairstyling itself requires a highly flexible individual who is capable and willing to work at any time or place.

Room for Creativity

Choosing the hairstyling industry will expose you to stretching your creative skills as every client will have a set style in mind that they expect you to replicate. Such demands will push you to up your game, triggering your inner creative self as you strive to satisfy your clients’ expectations.

Meet and Accommodate Different Personalities

The salon environment allows for a free-flow conversation where everyone can feel comfortable. As the hairstylist, you will constantly meet new people daily. You will engage in a conversation, and by the end of the session, they will most often become your friend and a regular client.

Job Demand

People will always seek to have their hair styled. You have a constant demand for your services. As long as you offer high-quality services, clients will be knocking at your door.

Garcia has already established her brand, which is why she is the most sought-after hairstylist in New York. Check out her website for more information and advice: gilliangarcia.com.