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A Real Estate Investment that Comes With Residence or Citizenship

Real estate–linked investment migration programs open up a world of possibilities for where you can live, work, study, and retire.

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International real estate has always been a reliable asset class, demonstrating decades-long returns and enabling affluent individuals to protect and increase their wealth while diversifying their portfolios. When purchased through an investment migration program, these assets come with residence and/or citizenship rights in another jurisdiction, providing you and your family access to new markets, more secure healthcare systems, top-tier educational institutions and a suite of investment and personal opportunities for present and future generations. The potential gains from investment migration–linked real estate over the lifetime of the investment are threefold: the core value of the asset, rental yields and global access and mobility—the ultimate hedge against market, regional and political volatility.

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Moreover, geographical diversification through permanent residence or alternative citizenship can offer distinct lifestyle and business advantages. The pandemic has highlighted the benefits of having an alternative location to base yourself in or relocate to if necessary—even for those from wealthy nations with premium passports. The transition to remote work in the past two years has made it much easier for many of us to live and work wherever we choose.

As many investors have already discovered, investing in international real estate is smart, but investing in investment migration–linked real estate is even smarter.

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It’s a buyer’s market

The Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index highlights the 16 most important residence and citizenship by investment programs offering real estate investment as a pathway to residence rights or citizenship acquisition. It uses more than 30 parameters and 300 data points to score and compare these highly attractive program options according to key considerations for investors. These include the reputation of the home country, its quality of life, GDP, the minimum real estate investment amount, potential rental income, associated property costs, application processing efficiency, the real estate holding period, residence requirements, restrictions and salability, as well crypto friendliness, which is gaining in importance among global investors. With so many possibilities, it can be a challenge to negotiate what is on offer, but by using this interactive index, you can compare real estate–linked investment migration options according to the factors that matter most to you and your family. It will help you identify the most suitable destinations for your portfolio diversification, in terms of real estate and residence.

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A world of opportunity

Future-focused UAE tops the Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index with a well-established reputation as a top investor-friendly real estate investment location. It scores highly for rental income potential, and the price of property per square meter is lower than other major international centers.

Spirited Spain is second in the overall rankings, bolstered by its economic strength, with the highest score in the GDP parameter. One of Europe’s most sought-after property investment destinations, the EU member state offers a range of locations, from urban to island.

The third spot on the index is occupied by stunningly beautiful Montenegro, which has emerged as a key second-home and property-investor market in the Mediterranean—not least because of its ability to cater to everyone. Investors can choose from glamorous seaside resorts to new luxury establishments servicing increasingly popular mountain and ski destinations in the north.

Transcontinental Turkey holds fourth place overall on the index, with its reasonable investment amount and minimal residence requirement. Benefits of investing in the Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program include government incentives such as lower purchasing taxes and VAT exemption.

Proudly sharing the fifth spot with Thailand, the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program continues to outstrip all others when it comes to investors who are prioritizing quality of life. With its highest scores in the relatively modest investment amount and excellent salability, investing in real estate in this EU member state is a wise move that many global investors, particularly those from the United States, have already made.

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Another way to look at the index is to focus on specific investment priorities that matter most to you. Ranking the various program options this way adds other possibilities to the list:

  • Investors who prize quality of life above all else should consider Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Jersey along with UAE, Spain, Portugal and Thailand, which all share first place when it comes to general well-being.
  • If your investment amount is a constraint, look to the more affordable programs in the Caribbean, where Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda top the list.
  • In terms of rental income, Montenegro’s great variety of real estate options, stunning natural beauty and Mediterranean lifestyle push it to number one.
  • If property costs are important, consider Grenada or St. Lucia, as both program options enjoy low associated expenses.
  • Considering the quick pace of change in the world and one’s inevitably evolving needs, Portugal leads the pack when it comes to salability.

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Two desirable assets for the price of one

Whatever matters most to you, the index can help you make strategic, data-driven decisions about the best investment for you and your family. Through real estate–linked investment migration, you can acquire a sizeable, profit-yielding asset with a unique volatility hedge: increased global access. What a winning combination!

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