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Professional Matchmaking Streamlines the Path to Finding a Companion for Life

Kelleher International emphasizes a personalized approach.

Kelleher International

Finding the perfect life partner may provide breathtaking material for classic books, movies and other cultural touchstones, but in actuality, it’s often a difficult, frustrating, exhausting process that has not gotten easier with the advent of online, technologically based dating applications. For high-wealth, high-profile individuals, that is especially true.

That is the reason Kelleher International takes a personalized approach to this endeavor. For more than three decades the family-run firm has set the gold standard in the field of upscale professional matchmaking for male and female celebrities, athletes, business visionaries and CEOs, among others. 

Founded in 1986 by Jill Kelleher, whose daughter, Amber Kelleher-Andrews, is now her co-CEO, the organization has an extensive database of eligible singles who want to meet others at the same level—those who speak their language and enjoy a similar lifestyle. “Our clients are some of the most exceptional people on the planet and leaders in their respective fields. They are too busy, and truthfully too picky to find ‘the one’ on their own. We personally get to know and understand our clients’ needs and constraints, and we are experts at catering to them. On top of that, our vetting process and holding their information in the strictest confidence is paramount to them,” says Kelleher-Andrews. “Prominent or wealthy individuals need someone to vet their dates, as many have found dating a total waste of their time.” Uncompromising in their personal and professional lives, they can be assured that vetting has been done for them.

Amber Kelleher-Andrews and Jill Kelleher Kelleher International

Kelleher has a core philosophy designed around connecting people on purpose. “Our company values are respect, compassion, honesty, communication, curiosity and self-awareness,” says Kelleher. “All of these drive our daily interactions and define who we are and how we choose to go about our business.” 

Once clients are accepted for membership—notably just 3 percent of those who inquire—they work with a personal team to identify the interests and experiences that are most meaningful to them. Introductions may take place at events carefully curated by Kelleher’s KI Social Club to bring people of like minds together—from private parties in castles and vineyards or specially organized safaris to island retreats that highlight discussions about individual purpose. In addition, clients are not only connected with hand-picked matches, they are coached with date ideas, scheduling and other preparations using a proprietary methodology that has been tested and refined for success in this sphere. 

Kelleher International

The conversations are invariably positive and based on problem-solving, notes Kelleher-Andrews, who adds that they always work with a solution-oriented mindset. That’s reflected in a mission statement that emphasizes “inspiring, supporting and facilitating [a client’s] journey toward becoming the best version of themselves.” 

With teams based in major cities around the world, Kelleher is uniquely situated to respond to the needs and schedules of their global clientele, who clearly have excelled in their professional lives and now seek to carry that over into the personal realm.

“If you are ready for love and trust in the process,” says Kelleher, “you will find success with our firm. Through your feedback, our intuitive and professional matchmakers will hone in on exactly what you are looking for.”

They will find that needle in a haystack. It’s the challenge they thrive on.

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