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LG Is Streamlining Video Conferencing with Their New One:Quick Series

All-new remote meeting solutions for creatives, entrepreneurs and CEOs to navigate the new business landscape.

Left, One:Quick Share (SC-OODA), Middle, One:Quick Works (55CT5WJ), Right, One:Quick Flex (43HT3WJ), LG Electronics

There’s no question our spell of home quarantining has significantly changed the American workplace. Some changes may be temporary, but there’s little doubt some will be woven into the new business landscape. Chief among them: the virtual meeting. Not only are more and more previous in-person meetings being replaced by screens, but soon as remote working takes on a more permanent status, business leaders will be looking for “All-in-One” video conferencing solutions that are both capable and easy to use. As evidence of this shift, global demand for screens exploded by 30% quarter-on-quarter in the third quarter of 2020 (according to technology research firm TrendForce). But setting up all the required accessories (e.g., camera, speaker, mic, laptop, etc.) to make these virtual meetings happen can be stressful and difficult.

One:Quick Works, 55″ All-in-One Video Conferencing Display  LG Electronics

It is in response to this challenging environment that LG Business Solutions introduces their new One:Quick Series to make remote meetings as easy as possible, with zero setup. Designed to eliminate as many of these obstacles as possible, the One:Quick Series allows you to move forward with your video conference with confidence.

One:Quick Works and One:Quick Flex are digital screens, whereas One:Quick Share is a dedicated wireless screen-sharing device. The entire One:Quick Series was developed to meet the growing demand of creatives, entrepreneurs, CEOs and other executives who are searching for a seamless and easy-to-use yet robust video conferencing experience.

Elegantly designed (winner of a Red Dot Award in 2021), One:Quick Works is a 55-inch video conferencing display with a built-in 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) camera with 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, high-gain mic and speakers loaded with features such as Smart Auto Focus. Smart Auto-Focus tracks the speaker as the mic picks up their voice from up to 6m (20 feet) away with minimal background noise, and the 4K UHD camera automatically focuses on the speaker. As a bonus, its 120-degree field of view can capture nearly the entire room. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the meeting. Additionally, it offers a pre-installed video conferencing app: One:Quick Remote Meeting, which helps users hold online meetings, invite guests and share documents in various formats with ease. Since One:Quick Works is a Windows-based PC, you can conveniently install your choice of video conferencing and collaboration apps as needed.

One:Quick Flex, 43″ Movable All-in-One Video Conferencing Display  LG Electronics

If you need something a bit more mobile that allows you to move a screen via a floor stand to the CEO’s corner suite for an impromptu meeting, One:Quick Flex might be more your speed. Slightly smaller (and more portable) at 43 inches, One:Quick Flex is all about adaptability: It can be height-adjusted by up to 3.75-inches (9.5 cm), and quickly rotated to either landscape or portrait mode (either can only be done when mounted to the floor stand). Like One:Quick Works, One:Quick Flex has a built-in camera, mic and speakers while using Windows and offers access to the OS’s expansive library of video conferencing apps and tools. One:Quick Flex also offers the digital Microsoft Whiteboard function (downloadable from the app store), which is designed for effective collaboration and discussion. With 10 points of multi-touch, meaning multiple users can draw and annotate on the screen simultaneously, the function makes One:Quick Flex an excellent option for offices and homes where multiple users may be collaborating with creative ideas.

One:Quick Flex, in vertical view, using the whiteboard function  LG Electronics

Lastly, to connect your laptop to select LG Signage screens, the One:Quick Share is an easy and wireless connection tool that may be what you’re looking for. First plug the One:Quick Share transmission hub into a compatible LG signage for pairing, and then into your laptop to complete the pairing. Now the two are wirelessly connected for screen sharing. Effortlessly switch between up to 10 screens (and view up to four screens at the same time via the split-screen feature), offering teams the ability to quickly pass the baton and take over meetings without pause by pressing the button on the dongle. With embedded Wi-Fi, you won’t even need a transceiver. Plus, you can ditch the remote control, as One:Quick Share lets you control volume, brightness, timer, agenda/note and picture mode of the paired signage via the app.

LG One:Quick Share, Wireless Screen Sharing Solution  LG Electronics

The new One:Quick Series offers executives the next level of office communications that the new business landscape will demand, enhancing productivity and collaboration with convenience and ease from LG.

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