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Sustainable Developments

A strategic partnership between The Macallan and Bentley Motors will strengthen both brands’ commitments and capabilities toward sustainability.

Earlier this year, The Macallan and Bentley Motors formed a strategic partnership, one that targeted three specific attributes that both brands value equally: a dedication to the highest level of craftsmanship, a vow to remain at the forefront of innovation, and a commitment to sustainability.

On the topic of craftsmanship, both The Macallan and Bentley Motors remain steadfast in their quest to further the centuries-long legacies that have established their brands as leaders within their respective industries. It’s on the matter of sustainability, however, where this newly formed partnership offers both brands the greatest potential for growth and advancement—and that’s quite a statement given the accomplishments that both brands have made in that arena thus far.

The Macallan & Bentley

Bentley Motors already operates the world’s first certified carbon-neutral luxury car manufacturing facility, whereas The Macallan has committed to achieving carbon-neutral status at its Speyside estate by 2030. The single malt Scotch whisky producer made significant strides in that regard only a few years ago when it opened a new distillery. The facility blends into the surrounding hillsides thanks to an almost 130,000-square-foot green roof planted with native plants and grasses; but that living meadow is just the beginning, thanks in part to the knowledge share that this partnership with Bentley Motors will facilitate.

“The partnership with Bentley Motors is extremely exciting,” says Elizabeth McMillan, the senior marketing manager for sustainability at The Macallan. “They’ve made fantastic strides to become carbon neutral in their operations and I would love to learn how they did that. There’s a lot to learn from them.”

Alex Quelch-Cliffe, the decarbonization manager for Bentley Motors, shares a similar view and the same level of excitement about this partnership. “The Macallan’s sustainability strategy is really inspiring for us,” he says. “We’re hoping to learn a lot and to build upon the positive steps that we’ve already made here in Crewe. We recognize that this is a great point for change, and we need to have a positive impact for the environment as a business to make that happen.”

The Macallan & Bentley

The Macallan has launched several initiatives, including a habitat management plan, to accomplish its overall sustainability goal: to strengthen the natural world surrounding The Macallan Estate for future generations. Additionally, by 2025 The Macallan Estate will transition to using passenger vehicles that are exclusively electric-powered, including a special hybrid vehicle built by Bentley Motors.

Even though Bentley Motors has already achieved a carbon-neutral status in its manufacturing, there are other aspects of its overall business operation that can be more sustainable. “We’re a company of pioneers,” says Quelch-Cliffe. “Our founder’s original mission to build a good car, a fast car, the best car in its class still rings true today. It’s slightly changed though, because the world around us has changed. It’s more important now to understand the materials that we have, and that the vehicles we build are more sustainable to run.”

The Macallan & Bentley

Through this partnership, the two companies will enhance their overall sustainability efforts. For example, the two brands will collaborate to find even more sustainable materials to use across products and packaging, which will be fundamental in the creation of mutually curated products, experiences, and content. Both brands’ network of suppliers will also be strengthened, which broadens the possibilities for even more sustainable sourcing practices.

“We do a lot to protect and enhance the environment,” says McMillan. “We distill very mindfully. We make sure that waste product goes into a biomass plant and the rest is used for fertilizer across the farmland. The big ambition is to be able to know that we have left our estate, our communities, our network, and ultimately the planet in a better position than we first found it.”

The Macallan & Bentley

Just as The Macallan and Bentley Motors will enhance their dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship through this partnership, a commitment to industry-leading sustainability now will be more achievable than ever before thanks to the brands’ collaboration. As you’ll learn in the third—and final—installment of this video series (to be published soon), the same level of advancement is also possible when it comes to innovation.

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