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With My Car Auction, Selling Your Car Has Never Been Easier

My Car Auction

With My Car Auction, selling cars is simpler, faster and more rewarding. There are no complicated processes involved and the team behind My Car Auction will guide you throughout the process. You can even maximize the price you get for your car, and it is100% guaranteed that you’re free of risk.

My Car Auction was launched with the goal to make the process of buying and selling cars easier. The company has grown consistently over the years and has constantly improved its services to simplify the entire process of selling cars. With more than 50,000 active buyers on the platform, you don’t have to worry about not getting a good deal for your car.

My Car Auction operates in California, and in Phoenix and Scottsdale in Arizona. They are planning to expand their services nationwide in the coming months.

The founding team includes CEO Mark Moshayedi, COO Ryan Gallagher and Ray Ashrafi. They are all highly experienced and have attained success in their careers, now coming together to start My Car Auction to create the best car auction platform.

The process is relatively simple. First, you provide some information about your car. After about 45 seconds, you’ll get a price for your car and you can choose to sell it right at that moment. Within 24 hours, the My Car Auction team will pick up your vehicle and pay the agreed amount.

If you want to maximize the car’s value, My Car Auction will show your vehicle to potential buyers and allow them to bid for the highest price. Then, the team will come to your location to pick up the car once it has been auctioned and settle the full payment.

Another interesting element that makes transactions on My Car Auction easy is that you can buy and sell cars from anywhere. Their mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple’s App store. You can also access the site from your web browser. Everything is done virtually, and you don’t have to worry about going through the often-difficult process of finding a buyer and selling your car.

Since the auction will be held virtually, you can keep and drive your car while the auction is live. The inspection allows My Car Auction to verify the overall condition of the vehicle and take pictures. The car itself won’t be taken by the company until the auction ends and you agree to sell at the offered price.

My Car Auction’s mission is to provide this convenient, risk-free and rewarding service to as many people as possible across the United States. It has revolutionized the way cars are auctioned and sold, and it aims to continue to do so with more innovations in the future.

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