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Pablo Valero: From an Office Job to the Open Sea

Pablo Valero

Traveling is one of the best ways to reset your mind and body. While most of us crave a big vacation every year, a true travel enthusiast finds it extremely difficult to settle in a single place for a long time. Their wanderlust can drive them crazy if they don’t explore new places. This was the situation for Pablo Valero when he felt stuck in an office job. It wasn’t until there was no opportunity to travel in his office job that Pablo finally decided to follow his passion of traveling while working.

Valero holds a degree in commerce and international business, which helped him land a good office job. He is also certified in data science and data analyst. Valero has always been enthusiastic about fitness and health, so he became a certified physical trainer. Out of all the courses Pablo enrolled in, his most valuable certification turned out to be the social media marketing course from Facebook. This helped him start his own business during the pandemic.

Working in a corporate job was enough to earn a good living but the wanderer in him was suffocating. He never had a chance to travel even for business purposes which led to boredom. He worked for Royal Caribbean International and loved the experience of traveling on a cruise line and meeting new people as part of his work. He started working onboard a cruise ship, traveling the world and meeting people from different countries and cultures. It was during the pandemic lockdown that he had to return home to Mexico and focus on creating a steady source of income. He started a social media marketing agency that has made over seven figures in a year in management.

Valero fulfilled his dream of traveling the world with Royal Caribbean International but this was not something he was only willing to do. He wanted to be able to travel and work all the time and hence started Valero Media to create a new channel of income for him.

Valero is focused on expanding his agency and is working hard to help more brands monetize their efforts on social media platforms. Running a successful agency means that he can fuel his passion for traveling. He is planning to return to the cruise line to explore new places and meet more people to satisfy the wanderer in him while ensuring that he is financially stable with his social media marketing agency supporting him. He feels that money is a passing thing that doesn’t charm while passion can last a lifetime.

Traveling has helped Valero develop his inner self. Visiting new places and meeting different people has expanded his connections more than his office job. He explores new opportunities from around the world and utilizes them to grow Valero Media. This newfound confidence is reflected in his multiple investments made in several markets.

Valero is a role model for people who hesitate to chase their dreams because of a fear of uncertainty. He proved that switching from a stable job to pursue one’s passion can be life-changing in a positive way.