Craig Siegel Shares How to Dictate Your Inner Experience

Dynamic people are admired for their resilience, positive energy, and self-discipline. They know how to use their full potential to reach greater heights and make a name for themselves. Many think that being dynamic is a personality trait someone is born with, but it goes beyond that. The most crucial element to being dynamic is […]

Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon Alexis Parcells Empowers Her Patients

Most people go into medical procedures without fully understanding what it’s all about. Dr. Alexis Parcells is a board-certified plastic surgeon who uses her passion to positively impact lives and empower her patients to have more control over various decisions and actions affecting their health and well-being. Dr. Parcells is a recognized plastic surgeon who […]

Pablo Valero: From an Office Job to the Open Sea

Traveling is one of the best ways to reset your mind and body. While most of us crave a big vacation every year, a true travel enthusiast finds it extremely difficult to settle in a single place for a long time. Their wanderlust can drive them crazy if they don’t explore new places. This was […]

Hybe Revolutionizes Retail with Mystery Boxes

It’s natural for people to always look for new and more fun ways to enjoy what they do, and that includes shopping. Hybe brings gamification — the integration of game mechanics with the purchasing process — to the retail industry. Customers are excited to discover which luxury brand/technology product they will unbox when buying a […]

Wrist Aficionado Launches Its Second Store With Haute Living

Wrist Aficionado recently extended its impeccable service and diverse collection of luxury pieces to the Miami market by opening a new branch called Setai Miami Beach. The luxury watch boutique launched the new store in partnership with the luxury lifestyle publication Haute Living, which has a strong presence in the Miami market. The grand opening […]

Gillian Garcia: A Career in Hairstyling

Many people have an interest in hairstyling but never think of taking the next step to turn their passion into a career. They are not aware of its lucrative nature and that there are thousands of stylists making millions in this field. Gillian Garcia is a top hairstylist, educator, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur based in […]

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