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150 Years Later, the Saratoga Brand Ushers in a New Era

Saratoga Brand is once again making history.

Saratoga Spring Water

Long before Saratoga Springs was established as a preeminent holiday destination for city-dwelling New Yorkers, this sleepy pocket in the southern foothills of the Adirondack Mountains held a deep and enigmatic secret.

Bubbling just beneath the Earth’s surface, mineral-rich spring water has flowed and flourished through the verdant valleys and babbling brooks for thousands of years, and is believed to contain a purity and healing power unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. As the town continued to grow, it didn’t take long before people took notice.

Saratoga Spring Water

“At that time, spring resorts in the Adirondack Mountains were popular for people to go and bathe in the water to refresh and replenish,” explains Brittany Lewis, senior brand manager of Premium Brands at BlueTriton Brands explains.

By the time Saratoga Springs began to flourish in earnest, one company, eager to bottle up some of the magic found in the mineral-rich water, started operating just off the shores of nearby Geyser Lake where the Saratoga brand has been thriving ever since.

Saratoga Spring Water

“In 1872, when the spring in Saratoga was discovered, the original owners decided to bottle the spring water and actually named it Saratoga Vichy,” says Lewis. “It hasn’t always been the stunning color of blue it is now, but in 1872, glass with a blue tint was more cost effective, and as time went on, the blue color not only made the brand recognizable, but evolved into the symbol it is today.”

For 150 years, the Saratoga brand has not only worked to source, perfect, and craft the highest-quality water possible, but everyone from celebrity chefs to former presidents have taken notice.

Saratoga Spring Water

“Simply put, the Saratoga glass blue bottle is iconic,” says Lewis. “After all this time, the amazing heritage of the brand and its principles of celebrating still and sparkling spring water have remained the same.”

The Saratoga brand is once again making history in a new collaboration called “The Art of Water” campaign.

Saratoga Spring Water

“The Art of Water celebrates pursuing the details that have made the Saratoga brand stand out for generations,” says Lewis. “It’s a modern brand story told through the talent selected, the clothes worn, and the food served.”

Featuring styles of some of America’s hottest trendsetters and fashion designers including celebrity stylist Karla Welch, Saratoga® has a vision that’s entered a new era, as the iconic brand unveils a modern view of luxury told through the lens of a female-driven creative, marketing, and production team.

Saratoga Spring Water

“There are aspects of the brand that have stood the test of time, and really speak to the heritage of the brand,” says Lewis. “That 150 years of being carefully crafted, each drop of water being sourced and bottled for the perfect taste, and what has evolved is owning our years, celebrating the timelessness, and showcasing a modern view of luxury.”

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