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The most powerful leak defense system on the market offers homeowners the ultimate luxury.

Watts Leak Defense System Watts Leak Defense System

Imagine returning home after a day at the office, a night out, or—in the worst possible scenario—a week away on vacation—opening your front door, and stepping into an aquatic nightmare. Water is pouring out of ceiling-mounted light fixtures and cascading down the walls. It’s collecting in puddles and soaking through carpets. Such a catastrophe could easily trigger $80,000 or more in necessary repairs, not including the cost to fix or replace damaged personal belongings. And then there’s the emotional anguish of losing sentimental possessions and the anxiety and stress of having to undertake such a massive and expensive home repair.

You might think such a scenario won’t ever happen to you, or you might be willing to take the risk given your excellent insurance coverage. But you certainly wouldn’t enjoy moving out of your home for six months while it is being repaired. What you should know is that water-related home disasters are more common than you think. You are seven times more likely to have water damage than you are to experience a fire, and homeowners are six times more likely to deal with a water-based disaster than a home break-in.

Watts Leak Defense System

Needless to say, water-related home disasters are a legitimate concern. But they don’t have to be. That’s where the Leak Defense System comes in.

Structured around a smart valve with thermodynamic sensor probes, the system monitors all flowing water, every minute of every day. The wireless touchscreen control panel and mobile app allow users to customize their water usage needs based on their family’s lifestyle or the needs of a business or the building in which the system is installed. The system has a wide range of accessories that allow it to work seamlessly within the most complex of plumbing systems, and when a leak is detected, the valve automatically closes and a notification alert is sent. The system can even be easily connected to a third-party monitoring company.

Watts Leak Defense System

The system doesn’t prevent leaks, but it will detect them and take action to mitigate the damage and—most importantly—stop the flow of water before a small leak becomes a big problem. Originally created to detect pinhole and slab leaks, the system can identify leakage that occurs behind walls or in ceilings, and it can also improve a home’s water consumption and water usage efficiency. After all, 10 percent of homes in the United States are afflicted by leaks that waste at least 90 gallons of water each day. That means that leaks in an average family’s household can produce more than 9,000 gallons of wasted water each year.

“This system is terrific,” says one California-based customer. “It limits water waste when I’m home and gives me peace of mind when I’m away from home.”

Watts Leak Defense System

“This system is ideal for our northern climate,” echoes another customer from Minnesota. “I don’t have to worry anymore about a flooded house if the pipes freeze.”

Simply put, the Leak Defense System, which boasts the highest live-pipe leak detection sensitivity on the market, provides homeowners with unwavering peace of mind. In a precarious world full of unforeseen and—in some cases—unavoidable difficulties, such assurance is a rarity. In fact, for affluent homeowners living in multimillion-dollar residences, it may be the greatest luxury of all.

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