This 1930 Martin Guitar Sold for $135,000

Only 21 examples of this guitar were made, each boasting nearly perfect playability, form, and tone…

For the past 183 years, Pennsylvania’s Martin Guitars has churned out a number of iconic instruments, but few as revered as the 1930 Martin 000-45 guitar. Though only 21 examples were made, these prewar designs rival modern renditions due to their tone, playability, and unique form. North Carolina–based Dream Guitars recently procured one of Martin’s iconic guitars and offered it for sale.

The 12-fret guitar is a true original, from its cast-iron key for the case to its belly bridge. After having been somehow safeguarded against the damaging effects of time, the 86-year-old Brazilian rosewood and mahogany instrument plays perfectly. A dream find for collectors and musicians alike, Dream Guitars sold the historic design within days. (martinguitar.com, dreamguitars.com)

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