3A Worldwide Presents First Edition of 3A Exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach

Miami, Fl – 3A Worldwide, the international PR, media buying and event planning agency headquartered in Miami, will debut the first edition of 3A Exhibition on December 3, featuring the work of internationally acclaimed artists Manuel Fernandez, Javier Martin, Andrew A. Antonaccio and Filio Galvez. The artists, know known for their modern take on plastic arts and incorporating technology into their body of work, will exhibit at 3A Exhibition December 3 through December 6.

Edward De Valle II, CEO of 3A Worldwide and communications expert, along with Mathew Parento, a young entrepreneur with a vast knowledge in design and architecture, are the visionaries behind this idea that uniquely unites art and communication.

“3A Exhibition stems from our commitment to Miami and our desire to help develop the art scene of the city” said Edward De Valle II, CEO of 3A Worldwide, ranked at number 175 on this year’s “Inc.500” list of fastest growing private companies.

“We are passionate about Fernandez, Martin, Galvez and Antonaccio’s body of work and that is why we have taken upon ourselves, to share it with the thousands of visitors Miami welcomes this time of year. We are also passionate about giving back and that is why proceeds from sales will go to benefit MIR”

3A Exhibition will commence on December 3 at 6 p.m. in the heart of the Miami Design District at 3801 North Miami Avenue Units 101 & 102. Miami, FL 33127.

The itinerary will go as follows:

December 3: Grand Opening Night with special presentation by artists Manuel Fernandez, Javier Martin, Andrew A. Antonaccio and Filio Galvez.

The artists will present their work and share with the audience, their take on the artistic development of the city of Miami, their intricate work and their insight to this art driven event led by 3A WORLDWIDE.

December 4: Solo exhibition and special appearance by Manuel Fernandez

Fernandez will present his world renowned Fashion Art whose uniqueness lies in its vitality and continuous development, creating gowns in which different artists capture their ideas using clothing as a canvas and erasing with their work, the thin line that has always divided art and fashion. Fernandez who has been featured in major world capitals including New York, Paris and several Latin American countries, and is now exhibiting at the Planetarium of Brussels in Belgium, is a pioneer in this form of art and is recognized internationally for it.

December 5: Solo exhibition and special appearance by Javier Martin

This Spanish artist, who has developed most of his artwork in the disciplines of painting and sculpture, will be presenting his “Blindness Dressed of Money collection”. Martin, a self-taught artist who at age seven was awarded the Young Artists Caja de Madrid award, and has showed in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US, will present his often provocative body of work which plays with human figure by immersing the viewer in an attractive visual context forcing the them to question themselves about certain critical subjects in modern society.

December 6: Closing night. Solo exhibition and special appearance by “Dos Alas”, the artistic label by Andrew A. Antonaccio and Filio Galvez

​Andrew A. Antonaccio, a Puerto Rican born in Brooklyn, NY with an Italian descent along with Filio Galvez, are the two artists behind the artistic label Dos Alas, who will be presenting their work 1994.

1994 will be a series of graphite paintings on paper, which pay tribute to the historic Cuban exodus that took place in 1994.  Antonaccio and Galvez are known for their striking pieces, which come as a result of their constant need to discover new ways of making art, combining digital and traditional ways of expression. The work of these artists has been a key part of the identity of the artistic neighborhood Wynwood in Miami, with its now iconic murals by them.

Art Basel Week, which brings to the city more than 75,000 artists, visitors, buyers and industry professionals each year, is the ideal arena where 3A Exhibition will offer a different take on art by combining fashion, graffiti and video installations under one roof.

3A Exhibition will open for the public from Wednesday December 3 through Saturday, December 6 from 6 to 10 p.m. Each night will be celebrated with a cocktail and a special presentation by each of the artists.

To RSVP please email rsvp@3aworldwide.com

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