Amalgam’s Intricate Fine Model Cars Now Include Ferrari’s LaFerrari FXX K

Ferrari’s track-only hybrid supercar is now available in 1:8 scale…

Amalgam Fine Model Cars of England, celebrates exceptional vehicles by creating highly sophisticated replicas in detailed 1:8 scale models, and its newest obsession is the Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K—the track-only hybrid supercar. The $6,775 model, which features doors that open to precise interior detailing and a functional hood that reveals an accurate engine replica, is only one of hundreds of Formula 1 racers, modern GTs, and classic collector cars from the 30-year-old brand. The extensive handcrafted process begins with compiling hundreds of historical photos, scanning full-size vehicles for 3-D and 2-D replicas, and pulling build sheets from manufacturers based on the vehicle’s identification numbers. From there, silicon molds are created for every part, usually totaling over 2,000 pieces. Large sections are then crafted in resin, while smaller components, like those found in suspension systems, are constructed of pewter. A minimum of 250 hours is required to complete simple cars such as Formula 1 racers, while complex models like the 1929 Bentley Birkin Blower (which features the brand’s famous mesh grille and intricately detailed engine components) demand closer to 450 hours.

If a car enthusiast desires to capture a Mini-Me of their personal vehicle, Amalgam will also spec out an identical recreation of their favorite ride. Los Angeles-based collector and gearhead Bruce Meyer is a classic example, who commissioned 1:8 scale versions of his Ferrari 275 GTB/4 and Ferrari 250 GTO, which now share garage space with their full-scale inspirations.



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