This App Guides Collectors Towards Better Purchases

TondoArt, a new iOS app, is changing the way art enthusiasts discover fresh talent...

TondoArt, a newly launched subscription-based iOS app, is changing the way art enthusiasts and collectors discover fresh talent and approach purchasing decisions.

In a space where today’s hot artist is yesterday’s news, and trusted advice is as easy to come by as an undiscovered Picasso, TondoArt is disrupting the status quo by adding objectivity to the subjective art world. Combining a proprietary algorithm that tracks more than 100 data points of an artist’s career with over 50 years of collective industry expertise, TondoArt identifies the hottest artists on the market and provides the guidance needed to make informed art purchases. Delivered via an innovative mobile interface, the app equips subscribers with the confidence and flexibility of having an art advisor on their iPhones.

There’s a lot to be said about buying art for art’s sake. It’s a purchase motivated, at least in part, by emotional connection or aesthetic appreciation. But collectors also want their purchases to “count,” meaning they are validated through either increased market value or by top art institutions around the world. However, buying art that counts is no easy feat. It requires hours of research, an in-depth understanding of market fluctuations and trends, connections to trusted sources, and potentially the budget for a professional advisor. TondoArt is upending this time-consuming and overly complicated process by doing the heavy lift and letting the subscriber reap all the rewards.

The TondoArt team is always searching for the best artists out there – the undiscovered gems straight out of MFA programs, the re-emerging talents breaking through once again, the buzzing stars about to explode – and following leads from their network of insiders. Selected artists are put through the algorithm and receive a score out of a 100. Only artists that pass get published, but all the artists are hot.

Any recommendations on the app are unique in that they are unbiased and tested. TondoArt makes a point to stay unaffiliated with any gallery, museum, or individual artists, and they do not sell any art via the app, or profit from any sales that may transpire outside the platform, allowing them to remain impartial in the artists they feature.

In the app, subscribers can scroll through a feed of artist cards, tap into each card to read more about the artist, receive tips through the “Expert Eye” field, and save favorites to revisit at any time. TondoArt also produces special art fair packs around the major fairs throughout the year. Instead of combing through thousands of booths and tens of thousands of artworks, TondoArt identifies five artists worth the fair-goers time and attention.

For $19.99 per month or $199.99 for the year, subscribers receive over 250 artist cards to explore. The app bridges the gap between novice and seasoned collectors, giving anyone the opportunity to make informed and confident buying decisions. TondoArt provides curated and directive information that allows subscribers to become art insiders with zero effort.

TondoArt is available for download on the App Store. For more information visit www.tondoart.net


About TondoArt

TondoArt was founded by Sonya Bekkerman and Saul Ingram after the two left Sotheby’s auction house, where both were top specialists for over 10 years. They wanted to find a better way to answer a question that came up again and again: “Who is going to be the next hot artist?” The answer became TondoArt. 

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