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Aurae Launches Exclusive Lifestyle Program and the Aurae Solid Gold MasterCard

Aurae Lifestyle Membership Program celebrates the world's elite with the first bespoke card and lifestyle program...

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 29, 2015 — Aurae has developed a global elite lifestyle management and white glove concierge program in which members are eligible to receive a fully functional, bespoke MasterCard® made from 14k and 18k solid gold.  The Aurae Lifestyle Membership Program creates and celebrates an elegant expression of each member’s personal legacy and individual successes.  Each membership comes with a dedicated lifestyle manager who works around the clock providing bespoke VIP 24/7 concierge services and exclusive access to VIP events in over 115 countries worldwide.  “What makes the Aurae Lifestyle Management team unique is their ability to curate bespoke experiences for members that inspire them and are in line with each member’s preferences and passions. Aurae membership is truly a celebration for those individuals who have achieved,” said Christopher Scanlon, CEO of Aurae.

A Unique Celebration of Success

Aurae (pronounced Aura) creates and designs a bespoke 14k and 18k Aurae Solid Gold MasterCard® for each of its members.  The Aurae team has developed a patented process that facilitates jewelling and engraving custom designs onto each card; allowing each member to have their legacy and success elegantly expressed in a unique way to share their passions and tell their story.  Aurae conducts a design consultation to create a one of a kind Aurae Solid Gold MasterCard® for each member. The card can be crafted in either rose gold or yellow gold with up to 164 embedded precious stones.  The invited member’s name and signature are permanently engraved into each card to symbolize the lasting impact of their legacy. “The opportunity to have a custom solid gold card designed is a unique experience in itself.  Adding the experiences our lifestyle management team creates and evokes an inspirational interaction woven into the daily lives of our members. This is what makes this program special and Aurae is the only provider globally that can do this,” comments Scanlon.

Presentation & Uses

Every member receives their Aurae Solid Gold MasterCard® presented in a hand-crafted heirloom marquetry box that is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and an elegantly designed hand-stitched leather wallet with a unique central pocket for the card.  For each member’s protection, the card is insured by Lloyd’s of London, allowing for ease of replacement in the event of loss or theft.

The Aurae Solid Gold MasterCard® can be presented to deserving individuals to celebrate meaningful milestones.  Bespoke cards can be made to commemorate anniversaries, professional athletic successes, entertainment awards and business achievements.

Obtaining An Aurae Lifestyle Membership

Aurae Lifestyle Memberships are available to deserving members globally by invitation only. Prospective members interested in requesting an invitation may inquire at http://www.auraelifestyle.com. Bespoke memberships begin at $50,000 USD/ £30,000 GBP and have nominal annual dues of $5,000/ £3,000 per year.  Annual dues deliver the ongoing experience of membership through the VIP 24/7 concierge services that provide access to the inaccessible; the complementary recasting of the solid gold card that is replaced every five years; and the peace of mind that each unique Aurae Solid Gold Card is insured through Lloyd’s of London.  “Extraordinary accomplishments require innovative ways to celebrate them. We firmly believe that the Aurae Lifestyle Membership Program does this is in a way that truly aligns with the individual member, their passions, and their legacy,” said Scanlon.

About Aurae

Aurae (www.auraelifestyle.com) manufactures and provides the customized Aurae Solid Gold MasterCard® accompanied with the bespoke Aurae Lifestyle Membership Program.  Aurae currently provides lifestyle management services in over 115 countries and is the only provider globally that can create fully functional and customized solid gold cards.  Aurae is committed to redefining the way in which legacy and success is celebrated and expressed.

Company Website – http://www.auraelifestyle.com

Twitter – @AuraeLifestyle

Instagram – @AuraeLifestyle

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