Automobile Immortalized

Lapicida will carve your favorite car from stone…

What does your favorite car have in common with ancient rulers, deities, and saints? It too can be immortalized in sculpture, thanks to the stone specialists at Lapicida. The English company has begun using its new computer-numeric-control stone-carving system to produce classic cars from a variety of stones. One of just three such systems in the world, the five-axis machine uses a software program, diamond-tipped drills, and a detailed 3-D model of the vehicle to produce a sculpture from a single block of marble or semiprecious stone, such as rock crystal or rose quartz. The machine can accommodate up to 25 tons of raw material. Lapicida’s largest model to date—a Ferrari 250 GTO measuring 4 feet in length—was carved from a single block of Italian Arabescato marble and priced at $50,000. Prices for a bespoke model start at $40,000. (www.lapicida.com)

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