Best Of The Best 2006: Ice Sculptures

Expectations ran high last year when the auction house Sotheby’s and the Steinmetz Diamond Group, a diamond procurer with access to the world’s finest stones and most talented cutters, formed Sotheby’s Diamonds. The duo did not disappoint.

The Sotheby’s Diamonds collection parades a selection of rare diamonds, including sizable colored diamonds, in sophisticated designs. The auction house presents the jewelry at private appointments and exclusive social gatherings for its clients, who are invited to consult with Sotheby’s jewelry experts. Among the collection’s standout stones are a 108-carat, emerald-cut D flawless; an 11-carat, fancy vivid purple-pink modified rectangular diamond; and a 5-carat, fancy deep-blue pear-shaped diamond.

In addition to a cache of diamonds that can be set in custom-designed jewelry, Sotheby’s Diamonds offers unique pieces created by established and newly discovered designers. Among these pieces are the colored-diamond lily rings by Parisian Lorenz Bäumer. A diamond fringe necklace showcases Sotheby’s ability to create a fluid and light design with 50-plus carats of stones. The marquise, oval, and  pear- and heart-shaped diamonds are set in strands that spill down the décolletage like streams of liquid.

Sotheby’s Diamonds



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