Best Of The Best 2006: Rose Garden

Like many limited-edition pens, the Dunhill-Namiki Sakura-Rose fountain pen marks a milestone, in this case the 75th anniversary of the first collaboration between luxury goods company Dunhill and pen maker Na­miki. The pen displays the centuries-old Japanese art form of maki-e, which translates to “sprinkled picture.” Gold and silver dust embellishes the barrel’s images of roses and the cap’s spray of cherry blossoms. (The roses symbolize England, the home of Dunhill, and the cherry blossoms represent Namiki’s Japanese roots.) The Sakura-Rose is further decorated with gold leaf and mother-of-pearl, adding depth and texture to the $83,350 pen’s lacquer surface. The pen’s designer, maki-e master Kyusai Yoshida, signed each of the 25 pieces.






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