Best of the Best 2012: Art & Collectibles: Antiques and Sculpture: Kunstkammer Georg Laue

Entering Kunstkammer Georg Laue is akin to walking into the 16th-century library of a learned nobleman or eccentric scholar. The gallery features a bewildering assortment of antique treasures, from exquisite inlaid chests to precious sculptures and objects in wood, ivory, silver, and gold. Religious artifacts, scientific instruments, and even natural-science rarities occupy the magical landscape. Sculptural expressions of memento mori—that pervasive Renaissance theme—flesh out this cabinet of curiosities. Georg Laue has secured a place in the art world as the source of fine objects that once populated royal collections, and now, museums in Europe and the United States.


Kunstkammer Georg Laue, +, www.kunstkammer.com

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