Best of the Best 2012: Pens: Metal: Jack Row Architect

Jack Row—a 26-year-old goldsmith in Birmingham, England—made his debut in the luxury pen market last year with Architect, a collection of fascinating intricacy and modernity. Employing both centuries-old techniques such as lost-wax casting and cutting-edge computer-assisted design, Row was able to create a writing instrument that delicately evokes a modern skyscraper: A filigree based on a steel girder twists along the pen’s barrel, which is set with gemstones in place of rivets. The fountain pen is available in three versions: the $10,400 sterling-silver edition with black diamonds (limited to 888 examples); the $34,400 version with 18-karat yellow gold and sapphires (limited to 88 examples); and the $38,900 version with 18-karat white gold and diamonds (also limited to 88 examples). (206.686.2740, www.jackrow.com)

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