Christofle’s $10,000 Silver Crowns Will Make Any Commoner Feel Like Royalty

The Parisian silversmith partnered with the interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard for the limited-edition collection…

As the silversmith to the last king of France and the House of Orléans, Christofle knows that everyone is entitled to a little royal treatment now and then—and what better way to celebrate a crowing achievement than with a crown of one’s own? Created in partnership with the Los Angeles–based interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Christofle’s latest series, Silver Kingdom, is a handcrafted pair of crowns from its Haute Orfèvrerie atelier. Bullard—an avid collector of silver spoons since the age of 9—took inspiration from the French crown jewels for his contemporary sterling-silver designs, which are customizable with onyx or other semiprecious settings. Each of the 20 numbered headpieces is priced at a princely sum of $10,000. A silver-plated version with gold accents is priced at $2,500. (christofle.com)

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