Context Art Miami Announces Galleries and Special Projects for its 2014 Edition

CONTEXT continues its success by expanding and redesigning the fair. Seventy-eight international galleries from 20 countries, with more than 460 artists from 43 countries have been carefully chosen by the selection committee consisting of Ethan Cohen, Enrique Guerrero, Alberto Magnan & Dara Metz and Leigh Conner & Jamie Smith, led by new fair director Julian Navarro, to bring Miami Art Week (Dec 2 -7 2014) the most promising cutting-edge, mid-career and established artists.

CONTEXT is dedicated to the development and reinforcement of emerging and mid-career artists. Launched in 2012, CONTEXT’s open atmosphere creates a meaningful dialogue between artists, galleries and collectors while providing the ultimate platform for the presentation of cutting-edge talent by emerging and established galleries. The combined efforts of CONTEXT and Art Miami provide a unique and alternative opportunity for leading primary dealers and their artists to be marketed and promoted internationally during the most important week for contemporary art in America.

In addition to its group of international galleries, CONTEXT will feature a series of solo artist projects, curated spaces, special projects, conversations and events.

Special Projects Highlights

The Director’s Project “CONTEXT-ing / Listening as CONTEXT”, creates immersive and intimate situations for listening to the work of sound artists exploring the ontological aspects of sound while also working with various materials, approaches, and techniques. CONTEXT-ing / Listening as CONTEXT will be premiered on the VIP opening night in the 2600sq.ft Sound Positions Pavilion – a dedicated space annexed to the main CONTEXT pavilion featuring 12 individual sound stations, making it the most important and largest sound project in an art fair – and continues during fair hours from December 3rd – 7th. Artists include: Tania Candiani, Mexico; Richard Chartier, USA; Richard Garet, Uruguay / USA; France Jobin, Canada; Emeka Ogboh, Nigeria; Kristin Oppenheim, USA; Manuel Rocha, Mexico; Steve Roden, USA; Hong-Kai Wang, Taiwan; Hildegard Westerkamp, Germany / Canada; Jana Winderen, Norway; Zimoun, Switzerland.

ART FROM BERLIN offers insight into Berlin’s influential art scene with six contemporary galleries selected by a panel of Berlin based curators and art critics. In the BERLIN LOUNGE, lvbg will install a curated exhibition and offer information on the city’s contemporary art galleries and institutions. This microcosm of the global art capital’s gallery community includes a cross-section of established and emerging exhibitors. ART FROM BERLIN is presented at CONTEXT by the Galleries Association of Berlin (lvbg), with official support from the municipality of Berlin and the European Union (EU).

CONTEXT-NEXT. “A Piece of Me” features visual arts students from the high school honors class of Miami’s renowned New World School of the Arts collaborating to produce site-specific installations in response to a significant artwork by an acclaimed alumnus from their school, Hernan Bas: a video in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, “All By Myself” (2004, single-channel video, courtesy of the artist and Frederic Snitzer Gallery). The young collaborators will work in the antithetical medium of paper, and the results exhibited with the video by their predecessor, Hernan Bas. “A Piece of Me” is a Wet Heat Project in association with New World School of the Arts, Visual Arts Program. 

CONTEXT has partnered with Miami Light Project for the highly anticipated Opening Night VIP Preview. Latin Grammy Nominated artist/producer Mr. Pauer will perform an exclusive selection of his signature sound Electrópico™ filled with live percussion and an array of guest singers turning the night into a memorable experience. Miami Light Project will stage a selection of performances that will take place in the CONTEXT Outdoor Garden Lounge daily during General Fair Days between 3PM – 7PM. These music programs are all free in the CONTEXT Outdoor Garden Lounge. 

CONTEXT and its sister art fair Art Miami, the original and longest-running art fair in Miami, celebrating its 25th year, will both feature exceptional artworks exhibited in highly visible areas of the pavilion – inside and outside the main entrances of the fairs, the Maserati VIP Lounge at Art Miami, and the VIP Lounge at CONTEXT, amongst others.  All works will be selected by LaRete Art Projects curators Julia Draganović, Elena Forin and Claudia Löffelholz.

2014 CONTEXT Exhibitor List

  •     532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York
  •     Accola Griefen, New York City
  •     Alida Anderson Art Projects, Potomac
  •     Amstel Gallery, AMSTERDAM, New York
  •     Amy Li Gallery, Beijing
  •     Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco
  •     Anna Kustera, New York
  •     Arch Gallery, Miami
  •     Bankrobber, London
  •     Beatriz Esguerra Art, Bogota
  •     Beatriz Gil Galeria, Caracas
  •     BERLIN LOUNGE by lvbg, Berlin
  •     Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York
  •     BLANK SPACE, New York
  •     Bluetomato Gallery, London
  •     Caldwell Snyder Gallery, San Francisco
  •     Camara Oscura Galeria de Arte, Madrid
  •     Coagula Curatorial, Los Angeles
  •     Converge Gallery, Williamsport
  •     Curator’s Office, Bethesda
  •     Da Xiang Art Space, Taichung
  •     Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York
  •     Eduardo Secci Contemporary, Florence, Pietrasanta
  •     Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, New York
  •     Ethan Cohen, New York
  •     Fabien Castanier Gallery, Culver City
  •     Frederic Got, Paris
  •     Galeria Alfredo Ginocchio, Mexico City
  •     Galeria Athena Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro
  •     Galeria Casa Cuadrada, Bogota
  •     Galeria Enrique Guerrero, Mexico City
  •     galerie bruno massa, Paris
  •     Galerie Friedmann-Hahn, Berlin
  •     Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin
  •     Obrist Galerie, Essen, Düsseldorf
  •     Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover
  •     Galleria Doris Ghetta, Ortisei
  •     Gallery Henoch, New York City
  •     Grundemark Nilsson Gallery – Swedish Photography, Berlin, Stockholm
  •     JanKossen Gallery, Basel, New York
  •     JJ Joong Jung Gallery, Seoul
  •     Joerg Heitsch Gallery, Munich
  •     Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York
  •     K Imperial Fine Art, San Francisco
  •     Kavachnina Contemporary, Miami
  •     Kim Foster Gallery, New York City
  •     Klein Sun Gallery, New York
  •     LÄKEMÄKER, Berlin
  •     Licht Feld, Basel
  •     Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Santo Domingo
  •     Magnan Metz Gallery, New York
  •     Matilde Bensignor, Buenos Aires
  •     Metroquadro, Rivoli
  •     Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto
  •     OPIOM Gallery, Opio
  •     Patricia Conde Galería, Mexico City
  •     PENTIMENTI GALLERY, Philadelphia
  •     Pictura Gallery, Bloomington
  •     Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami
  •     Samuel Owen Gallery, Greenwich
  •     Sasha D. Espacio de Arte, Córdoba
  •     Set Espai D’Art, Valencia, Jávea
  •     Shine Artists, London
  •     Shirin Gallery NY, New York
  •     Sim Smith Gallery, London
  •     Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York
  •     Susan Eley Fine Art, New York
  •     Tammen & Partner, Berlin
  •     ten472 Contemporary Art, Nevada City
  •     Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka
  •     The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco
  •     Vimm Gallery, Prague
  •     VisionQuesT contemporary photography, Genova
  •     Vohn Gallery, New York
  •     WHITE ROOM | Liquid art system, Capri, Positano
  •     Wichtendahl Galerie, Berlin
  •     Witzenhausen Gallery, Amsterdam

CONTEXT Opening Hours:

VIP PREVIEW | Tuesday, December 2, 5:30pm–10pm

Wednesday, December 3–Saturday, December 6, 11am–8pm

Sunday, December 7, 11am–6pm 

Tickets are sold online one month prior to Fair dates and onsite at the Box Office during show hours.

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