Contributors: On the Road Again

She has served two terms as the president of Boating Writers International, but Kim Kavin’s writing experience covers a lot more than just boats. She has authored multiple volumes in the Everything Guide series, including upcoming books on Northern California and Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, and Italy. Kavin also runs the CharterWave web site (www.charter?wave.com), an online magazine covering the yacht-charter industry for the general public. In her travels for CharterWave, she visits Genoa, Italy, every year for the Myba Charter Show, where she sees boats like Outback, the subject of this issue’s Charter Choice (“Casual Elegance,” page 322).

“It’s just a different kind of elegance,” Kavin says, describing the interior design of Outback. “They were going for ‘beach house.’ Anybody who has been to Altamer in Anguilla knows that a beach house doesn’t have to be ornate with gold finials and dark mahogany to be beautiful. It can be lighthearted and fun and just as gorgeous. They seem to have achieved this in spades.”

“I grew up going to the Detroit Grand Prix and Indy 500,” says Laurie Kahle, “so that buzzing sound of speed brought back some memories of my youth.” The buzzing sound came from the cars in this year’s Le Mans Classic, which takes place every other year in conjunction with the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans race and features cars that ran in that event between 1923 and 1979. Kahle went to the track with Richard Mille, president and CEO of his eponymous watch company, to see three of Mille’s cars compete in the race (“Run of the Mille,” page 351).

Kahle, now an independent writer, has a relationship with Robb Report that dates back almost a decade. She has covered watches, jewelry, fashion, spas, and travel for the magazine—including another story in this issue, on Australia’s Southern Ocean Lodge (“Natural Progression,” page 373). During Le Mans she took two rides around the course: one in a BMW with an experienced driver who drove the car up to 155 mph; and one the next morning in a Morgan convertible piloted by a young Brit who had never driven the track before. “While I wasn’t going as fast, it felt a little more dangerous,” she says. “But we got through it, and it was fun.”


One of the great joys of golfing is taking in the beautiful, manicured greens, the trees and sky, the rolling hills, and the serene water features. It is a welcome escape from the concerns of day-to-day life. Of course, when all that beauty is covered in snow, or hidden behind curtains of rain—or when it’s just plain too cold outside—there is no enjoyment to be had. In this issue, editorial director Bruce Wallin leads five other writers in our roundup of 10 ideal warm-weather golf destinations, from New Zealand to California to South Africa to Vietnam (“Robb Report Winter Golf Getaways,” page 129).

Wallin took up golf in high school and still plays with his father on a regular basis, including at international courses. “I like golf,” Wallin says, “but I love to travel. Playing regularly at your local club is a great thing, but when you get to travel to and play new courses, that adds a whole new dimension. It’s my favorite way to golf.”

Correction: The October issue’s Vacation Homes gallery (“The Comeback Club,” page 102) should have identified the now-defunct destination club founded by Rob McGrath as Private Retreats.

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