David Oscarson’s Newest Pen Honors the Pioneer of Penicillin

The limited-edition pen pays tribute to Alexander Fleming and to the entire medical community…

Doctors (with their notoriously illegible signatures) may be drawn to the newest writing instrument from David Oscarson. The St. Louis pen maker’s 23rd limited-edition pen pays homage to Alexander Fleming, the Scottish bacteriologist best known for discovering penicillin. The Alexander Fleming Limited Edition Collection is a touching tribute to Fleming’s impressive medical contributions, as well as a testament to the importance of the modern medical community. The limited-edition pens feature a rendition of Fleming’s signature wrapping around the barrel, a visual nod to the countless prescriptions doctors around the globe write daily. Each pen is also decorated with the chemical formula for penicillin; a representation of the original, contaminated petri dish that led Fleming to discover penicillin; and a tangle of stems, branches, and spores designed to look like the antibiotic under a microscope slide. As with all David Oscarson collection pieces, the Alexander Fleming Limited Edition Collection employs guilloche engraving covered in layers of hard enamel, in a choice of four color variations. The writing instruments are available in fountain or roller-ball versions for $5,600 and $5,400, respectively.

The Alexander Fleming collection is the follow-up to Oscarson’s 15th Anniversary American Art Deco Collection, which is embellished with 15 sections of guilloche engraving taken from 10 of the company’s previous designs. The 15th Anniversary fountain pen retails for $5,800, while the roller-ball pen costs $5,600. (davidoscarson.com

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