Expert Eye: Lucky Deck

Paola Russo discovered two decks in Italy at G. Lorenzi, one covered in gold leaf and the other in silver...

Paola Russo travels the world searching for unusual objects for her Los Angeles gallery Just One Eye (justoneeye.com), but she believes it was luck that led her to a unique set of Italian playing cards last year. Russo had heard that a Milanese family had recently closed G. Lorenzi—an 86-year-old shop best known for handcrafted razors, knives, and smoking accessories—and she arranged for an invitation to go in and look around. She found four sets of playing cards, each set with two decks, one covered in gold leaf and the other in silver. Each deck is made up of the standard four suits and royal face cards. Russo purchased all of them, but now only one set remains. It is available in a handmade leather case for $5,250. “The Italians are quite superstitious and the cards embody this spirit,” Russo says. “I hope they bring luck to the next owner.” 

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