The Ferrari Carbon-Fiber Chess and Checkers Set

The set features pieces for both games, including a knight piece based on the Prancing Horse logo…

Nothing is sure to increase a mundane object’s intrinsic value more than slapping a Ferrari badge on it. From surfboards to ties, headphones to umbrellas, there seems to be nothing that the marque won’t proudly offer through its Ferrari Store.

One of the company’s recent forays into the nonautomotive is the $2,050 Ferrari carbon-fiber chess set, a game kit that elevates itself above the rabble by incorporating materials found on high-performance sports cars. The board’s playing surface is composed of alternating squares of carbon fiber and fiberglass, while the outer frame is made from wood covered in carbon fiber. The chess pieces themselves—which include knight pieces fashioned after the brand’s Prancing Horse logo—are carved from wood and then varnished either black or Ferrari red. Within the box are individual storage compartments for the chess pieces as well as a set of red and black checkers pieces. The box is adorned with the Ferrari badge in enameled metal and features a lock—presumably to keep out the Ferrari unfaithful. (store.ferrari.com)

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