FrontFunners: Dupont Versailles

In 1682, Louis XIV—wishing to lock his fractious nobles in a golden cage where he could keep an eye on them—established the French center of government at a former hunting lodge in Versailles. Until 1789, when rebellion overtook the country, the Château de Versailles stood as a symbol of the absolute power imposed by the Sun King. Now Paris-based S.T. Dupont (www.st-dupont.com) has introduced the Dupont Versailles Limited Edition Collection of men’s accessories that, like the palace, are both functional and extravagant. The pieces feature white lacquer and gold trim that recall the baroque decoration in the château’s salons, while their lattice motif is modeled after the rectangular shapes in the palace gardens. The line consists of three cigarette lighters (ranging in price from $1,945 to $4,400), two large pens ($1,640 and $1,750), cuff links ($340), a money clip ($270), an ashtray ($510), and a cigar cutter ($435). Appropriately, nail cutters are not included: Louis XIV required his courtiers to scratch at his door with their left pinkie fingers rather than knock, and some grew that nail longer than their other nails for this purpose.

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