FrontRunners: 50 Proof

Sometime around 1905, American artist Mary Cassatt began experimenting with counterproofing, a printing technique in which a wet piece of paper is pressed against a pastel drawing or a fresh print, causing a reversed image of the artwork to appear on the damp sheet. Art in a Mirror: The Counterproofs of Mary Cassatt, the first-ever show of the artist’s counterproofs, features 50 of her reversed-image prints, all of which are for sale. “There is a tonal quality and a softness to the medium,” says Warren Adelson, president of New York–based Adelson Galleries (www.adelsongalleries.com), the exhibit’s host. “At the same time, there’s a flatness that is not associated with pastels.” Pre-sented by Marc Rosen Fine Art, Art in a Mirror runs from November 1, 2004, through January 14, 2005.

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