FrontRunners: Art in Motion

Primavera Boman (212.966.5386) is a renaissance woman who juggles careers in dance, art, and jewelry, which may explain why her cuff links and stud sets are in such short supply.

Born in India and raised in London, Boman, who now resides in New York, utilizes sterling silver, 18-karat white and yellow gold, and platinum to render organic-looking, free-form jewelry that incorporates moving parts. “As an artist, I do these very large sculptures with a lot of movement,” she explains, “and I wanted to apply that to jewelry.”

Boman’s themes vary from the interlocking circles of her Infinity collection to the whistles and bullets of a group she calls Terrorist. Her latest series, the Twig collection, is a contemporary take on a historical theme used in Roman, Greek, and Victorian designs. The hand-made pieces, which start at $500, are available at New York haberdasher Liana Lee. “It takes someone artistic, perhaps someone who is more interested in modern art than old masters, to understand Primavera’s work,” says Lee, “because she approaches it like an artist rather than a jewelry designer.”

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