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FrontRunners: Biz Buzz

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A business card can say more about you than just your name, title, and contact information. “People are not thinking of them just as their cards. It’s a focus on their total identity,” says Cheryl Dangel Cullen, whose new book, The Best of Business Card Design No. 5 (Rockport Publishers, 2002), showcases some of the world’s most original business cards. “Before, business cards were incidental. Now, people are making them work a lot harder.” Cullen’s book includes the business cards of a tailor who sews a button on each of his cards and a photographer who prints an original image on each of his. She also found a company that issues each of its employees a set of four cards that fit together like puzzle pieces.

“There’s a card in this book that’s orange and fuzzy,” says Cullen. “If you put it in your Rolodex, it will stick out.” When you flip open a business card from 9Volt Visuals, you’ll find a tiny CD ROM inside.

“It’s almost like collecting baseball cards,” says Cullen. “Business cards are getting so elaborate.”

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