FrontRunners: Cue Is for Queen

The Brunswick Billiards Isabella (www?.brunswickbilliards.com) is a table fit for—or at least named for—a queen. “We wanted the name of a strong, elegant woman from European history, and we liked that Isabella was independent and had a reputation for being beautiful,” explains Brunswick president Sean Cummings. Isabella certainly was no shrinking violet; with assistance from her lover, Roger Mortimer, the 14th-century queen placed England in the hands of her son, Edward III, by overthrowing the British government and forcing her husband—the philandering, possibly bisexual Edward II—to abdicate. The $40,000 billiard table that bears her name is made from rosewood and Karelian birch. Other design elements include blue-lapis accents, mother-of-pearl rail sights, and stainless-steel footings and inlays. Brunswick can substitute the blue lapis with jade, malachite, amethyst, or black onyx.

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