FrontRunners: The Futura of Putting

Putters certainly have become weird lately. First the belly putters, then the two-ball contraption from Callaway Golf that so many pros began using. (The twin golf ball–size disks on the back end of the oversize mallet are supposed to aid in aligning putts.) Leave it to Scotty Cameron (866.841.0100, www.scottycameron.com), the maestro of putter design, to place his mark on the future of putters.

Cameron’s new Futura model appears as strange as anything on the market. Its broad front blade is attached to a rounded horseshoe-shaped flange by a metal connector that has been drilled with three holes nearly the size of golf balls. Hmmm. Cameron claims that this putter works better than others because more than 75 percent of the clubhead’s weight is concentrated in the rear, in the horseshoe apparatus. This design, he says, enables the ball to immediately roll off the face of the club without ever digging into the green. The bent shaft and sole design is supposed to prevent the face from closing.

Cameron has tested the Futura with a few PGA Tour pros (most notably Phil Mickelson), and Titleist plans to begin selling the putter in pro shops later this year. The price has not yet been determined, but expect something north of $250.

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