FrontRunners: Goldsmith Standard

Jack Row Exclusive Writing Instruments debuted its inaugural design, Architect (www.jackrow.com), in October at Harrods of Knightsbridge London. Row, a 26-year-old goldsmith based in Birmingham, England, utilized the manufacturing technique of rapid prototyping to design and produce resin models of the pen before creating the actual products. Skyscrapers in the modern urban landscape inspired his design for the pen, which features a steel girder–like filigree twisting up the barrels and gemstones set into the cap and grip that recall industrial rivets. The pen is available in silver with black diamonds ($10,400), 18-karat yellow gold with sapphires ($34,400), and 18-karat white gold with white diamonds ($38,900). Row also offers Architect cuff links starting at $5,800.

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