FrontRunners: Heavy Reading

Photograph by Aurelio Amendola

Italian publishing house Gruppo FMR’s new release, Michelangelo: La Dotta Mano (www.fmr?online.com), is intended more as a work of art than as a book—thus its $150,000 price tag. Michelangelo weighs in at 50 pounds, much of that heft contributed by the book’s marble cover, a bas-relief reproduction of the artist’s Madonna della Scala. Beyond the cover are reproductions of Michelangelo’s sketches, copies of his essays, and 83 photos of his sculptures by Italian photographer Aurelio Amendola. The publisher will produce 99 examples of the book, each of which will have a 500-year warranty, suggesting that Michelangelo the book will be as enduring as Michelangelo’s art.

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