FrontRunners: Historical Moment

If you can pick up the Super Bowl XL Opus, you might be able to secure a spot on one of the teams playing in the February 4 game. The $4,000 leather-bound tome, published by Kraken Sport & Media (www.krakenopus.com), weighs 90 pounds. Its 850-plus pages contain some 2,000 photographs culled from a collection of about 3 million. Four hundred of the 20,000 copies contain a page signed by each of the Super Bowl’s 35 living Most Valuable Players. (The MVP edition is priced at $40,000.) For security, Kraken has installed a microchip in each book so that it can be tracked anywhere in the world. Both the signed and unsigned editions are available through Kraken and Saks Fifth Avenue (www.saksfifthavenue.com).

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