FrontRunners: Lotus Position

Lotus Arts de Vivre (www.lotusartsdevivre.com) blends ancient Far Eastern and Asian art with modern function and sensibility to create jewelry, objets d’art, and accessories that are destined to become prized conversation pieces. Lotus, which is based in Bangkok and whose pieces are made by craftsmen in remote mountain villages of Nepal, Bali, and Rajasthan in India, draws heavily on Asian culture and exotic natural materials. One mesmerizing necklace is made of iridescent green scarab beetle wings, each tipped with a Basra pearl. Genuine Thai seashells dipped in gold and set with diamonds accent another one-of-a-kind blue and yellow cabochon sapphire necklace.

Lotus, a family business operated by Helen and Rolf von Bueren along with their sons Sri and Nicklas, will soon include furniture and contemporary art. The original Lotus boutique was established in 1982 at the Regent hotel in Bangkok, and today there are more than 20 stores around the world, most in Asia. Lotus is available in the United States exclusively at Greenleaf & Crosby (561.655.5850) in Palm Beach, Fla.

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