FrontRunners: Old Glory Days

Recent patriotic fervor has the American flag appearing on everything from automobile bumpers to watches. But Montblanc (+, www.montblanc.com) insists that its new limited edition $18,000 Stars & Stripes pen is an homage to the 225th anniversary of Old Glory rather than a response to current events. Limited, naturally, to 50 pieces, Stars & Stripes features 50 diamonds set in blue lacquer. Another 138 diamonds and 152 rubies form the red and white stripes. Most distinctive is the pen’s transparent resin body, with a skeleton pattern crafted in 18-karat gold and the rhodium-plated 18-karat gold nib engraved with an American eagle. “Although the American flag has experienced a renaissance, the truth is that it has been a beacon of freedom and justice for 225 years,” says Karsten Martens, president and CEO of Montblanc North America LLC.

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