FrontRunners: Off-Road Trip

Jim Rogers believes Angola is one of the world’s greatest investment opportunities and that Paraguay, buoyed only by its black market, should not even exist as a country. Rogers, author of Adventure Capitalist (Random House, 2003), drove through both countries and 114 others with Paige Parker—who began the journey as Rogers’ fiancée and completed it as his wife—in a sunburst yellow Mercedes-Benz Millennium. Spanning the globe from January 1999 to January 2002, Rogers put 152,000 miles on the vehicle, a custom melding of the SLK convertible and the Gelaendewagen.

Rogers, who cofounded the Quantum Fund hedge fund, sought to experience the world’s vast variety of lifestyles and economies. In addition to visiting bankers, stockbrokers, and stock exchanges, he also chatted with diners in restaurants and shoppers at markets. The result is a breezy chronicle of Rogers’ adventure interlaced with his economic predictions and investment tips.

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